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February 2016

February 2016 was the month we launched the 1st version of our Mobile App! It's available on both the App Store & Google Play. Simply look for YDNCRM.

More info here

But, plenty of other things were done and can be found here:

Improvements in existing features


  • You can now predefine a default duration for your scheduled events from your profile.

  • When you set a reminder, there’s now a duration button for you to choose a different duration than the one you predefined. E.g. if a meeting is going to take all morning, set the duration of the next action to 4 hrs.

  • When you are about to set a reminder, we show you all the scheduled events you already have for that day and how long each one will take so that you don’t schedule several actions for the exact same time.

Display of leads

When you look at your active leads you will now be able to know in how long you’ll have to work on a lead, but also to know how behind schedule you are with a lead. In fact, not only will the status be To-Do, it will also say for how long it has been in the To-Do folder (1 hour, 3 days, 20 days…).


  • Open links in a lead's description in a new tab/window of your browser
  • Add lead's owner in the lead popup preview from the compact view
  • Display tags on Unassigned leads and be able to add/edit/delete them
  • Tags are kept when a user is deleted and his/her leads are moved to Unassigned

Bug fixes - Application

  • Spreadsheets: Fix deletion of rows/columns when selection is made from bottom to top or right to left
  • Spreadsheets: Fix deletion of multiple selected rows
  • Spreadsheets: Fix create lead with tags when user not admin
  • Spreadsheets: Fix column sorting when table has been horizontally scrolled
  • Fix display of bcc emails in app mobile when the there is no content in the email
  • Fix display of message saying that some Bcc emails where pending on this email when the bcc emails didn't belong to the user
  • Fix date picker bug depending on the timezone
  • Fix bcc email process when there is no email address in the to/cc fields of the email
  • Fix user settings on email aliases: email should be uniq on the account
  • Fix view of "Not having this tag" in the pipeline view
  • Fix email invitation fro QuickBooks
  • Fix blank lines inserted in lead's description each time it's saved

Bug fixes - Mobile app

  • Fix the synchronization when skipped the first time
  • Fix the display of the currencies in the lead's amounts
  • Fix a few bugs in the display
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