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December 2016

New features

  • Assign a prospecting list to a user

Improvements in existing features

  • Improve the autocomplete search of lead when attaching pending bcc emails
  • Improve the display of unassigned leads page with the possible duplicates
  • Improve the drop down menu of tags in All leads page to have a faster display of the whole page
  • Improve the display of bcc emails on a lead when emails are big
  • Add filter by status on follow ups

Bug fixes

  • Fix "Forgot password" link when connecting from Google or Intuit
  • Disable click on save Prospecting list button when already clicked
  • Fix bug when creating a reminder on a lead, sometimes the lead's status was still TODO
  • Fix login with API v2
  • Fix batch update on tags when some tags are empty
  • Fix issue in autocomplete search with characters with accents
  • Fix export of data to add cents in the amount depending on the preference set

Bug fixes on mobile app

  • Fix time zone issue on "Today's todo"
  • Fix default pipeline when creating a lead from a business card
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