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December 2015

December was again a month dedicated to our Mobile App, but also to a new version of our API and improvements in the Help area. Our brand new API now enables you to do a lot more than it used to. In fact, our entire forthcoming iOS/android App was built on it, meaning that everything that can be done in the mobile app, can also be done using the new API.

New Features

Bug fixes

  • Add confirm message when deleting a prospection file
  • Add better documentation to create your widget
  • Fix place of the popover window when editing tags in the pipe view
  • Improvements in the prospection files: quicker to create a lead, scroll, edit and save
  • Fix toggle canceled status in the prospection files
  • Fix error when exporting your data
  • Fix current filters in the pipeline view
  • Fix link "More" in the pipeline view
  • Fix unique email in an account: all user emails and all alias emails should be unique in an account only
  • Fix error message when changing his/her password and the account is linked with QuickBooks
  • Fix display pipeline view when filter all users is activated
  • The lead's title in the pipeline view are adjusted automatically according the size of the column
  • Fix display Actions menu in the detail page of a lead
  • Add menu item "Add to client folder" in the actions menu
  • When creating a lead from the prospection file, the first column is not added anymore to the lead's description as it is used for the lead's title
  • Fix restore leads after a lead is deleted and its the step deleted too
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