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By scanning a business card

You collected business cards in a fair or event that you attended, you wish to contact these people and create leads, it's as easy as scanning them.

There are two ways of creating a lead from a business card. The most simple one is to use the Mobile App, the second is to send the picture of the business cards picture by email to

In the Mobile App, simply click on the (+) button at the bottom of the screen and choose "from a business card". Take a picture of the business card or look for it in your phone's gallery, and upload it.

no will recognize the content of the card, try to match your predefined lead fields, and make it available to you.
For better results try to take a good picture of the card against a white background.

You can also send the picture to a specific e-mail address that you will find in your account in Tools > Business Cards.
Try to ensure the quality of the picture is good, but it doesn't need to be large in size. To get technical, around 500kb is perfect as you will get good result without waiting to long.

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⚠️ Business card scans are limited to 60 per user and per month in the Starter Edition, and to 150 per user and per month in the Expert Edition.