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April 2015

Improvements in existing features


The export was improved in several ways. Not only does it include a popup window to enable a user to choose between a CSV or JSON export, but it's also a lot faster. Also, in the Statistics menu it's now possible to export the leads (not only the stats) and we've enable the export of Client Folders.

Search Engine

  • display number of results by months in histogram
  • add filter by users
  • add filter by lead's status
  • be able to order the data by score or date


  • be able to retrieve a user from its id
  • be able to retrieve all leads from and after a specific lead's id
  • be able to retrieve all action histories with filters
  • documentation updated with these new requests

Wording changes

Wording is Key. Softwares need to be easy to use and comprehend without too much support. We chose to make some changes in the wording so that it was easier for our users to understand that some very important features such as the Tags exist and that it's important that they use them.

  • change in several menus of the Admin section: Predefined tags, Sales Steps
  • improvement of support information when renaming steps (to be able to see the modification without modifying a lead)
  • invitation email after creating an account more neutral (no he in the email in case the user is a she)
  • improvement of error messages in predefined tags

Article: The importance of Tags to categorize your sales

Tools Menu

The *Tips & Tools* menu is now called *Tools*. We realized that Key information was missing and that people didn't realize the potential of the service. We focused our efforts in adding new information, modifying and completing existing one.

  • how to create leads from e-mails
  • how to integrate YDNCRM with e-mails using our Bcc system
  • how to integrate YDNCRM with your contact form


  • move anti-spam preference in unassigned leads, visible only for admins. Make the preference easier to read
  • improvement in business card scan in parts not recognized properly
  • improvement of "All leads" and "All my leads" pages with on the top, a better display of the number of leads with the filters applied
  • in the admin > users, the admins are able to retrieve the activation link of any un-activated users
  • improvement of caching information when renaming steps (to be able to see the modification without modifying a lead)
  • change the WON menu in order for everyone to see it
  • add client folder in the mobile version

Bug fixes

  • Fix link in the statistics when there are a lot of leads
  • Fix error when clicking on the button "Get activation link" in the admin page
  • Fix error to export Clients and clients's leads in CSV format
  • Fix error when assigning leads to a new user when the previous user is deleted
  • Fix error for some leads created by emails with presence of # (steps or tags)
  • Fix time of next action in the pipeline view
  • Fix the display of the editing popup window of a lead when there are a lot of fields to enter
  • Fix redirect page after clicking on the Retry payment button
  • Fix error in iCal when the reminder has no time specified
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