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Advanced Prospecting Lists - Expert Edition only

If you're using the Expert Edition, Prospecting Lists are even more powerful. In fact, not only will you be able to define the 'Estimated closing date' of a lead directly from the Prospecting List before transforming a row into lead, you will also have access to:

-comment field, to enable you to have your comments automatically added to the leads' comments when you create a lead.

-color codes, so that just like on an Excel sheet, you can differentiate your contacts according to the color codes you want.

-filters, so that you can filter your prospects in the Prospecting Lists by filter only those who are still to qualify, exclude those who were canceled, etc.

-click-to-call & email options when right-clicking on a row to call a prospect right away or send them an e-mail.

-date-picker column to easily define a date, so that you recall when was the last time you contacted that prospect for example.

and the powerful prospect browser

The Prospect Browser

To enhance your prospecting activity,’s prospecting lists include a Prospect Browser which aims at helping you find and update information easily, without being lost in a spreadsheet.

The Prospect browser is extremely easy to use:

Click on the comment box at the left of the row (before the + button), and a pop-up will open up with all the information contained in the row in a different format.

You can rapidly browse from one prospect to another using the arrows, edit information or even add new information.

You'll be warned if a duplicate already exists in the system!

Of course, you can e-mail or click-to-call the prospect using the browser, add new comments, and create a lead.

It’s like working on a lead’s window, except you’re still doing your prospecting activities.

Check out the video: