Sales Prospecting: When Excel Reaches its Limit

Most people start organizing their sales with Excel. But the tool has limitations, at which point a change is needed. Is CRM software a good alternative?

Last update on April 12

Organizing sales prospecting is an issue that all companies face at one stage. The notebook's severe limitations quickly gave way to the Excel sheet, which was an efficient tool to manage sales in the early stages of a company's conception. And, if we're honest, Excel has lasted so long because it has several advantages.

  • Universality: everybody knows Excel
  • Simple to edit and to set up
  • The information is displayed on a single page

Although there are many advantages to using Excel, it doesn’t take long to reach its limits. Excel has a still format, can’t be connected to other tools salespeople use and, most importantly, it’s a table!

An In-Depth Look at Excel's Limitations:

Everyone might know how to use Excel, but it is a generic solution.

  • Following up on the evolution of a prospect is hard work. You can add “comment 1”, “comment 2”, “comment 3” columns, but it’s not enough.
  • Added comments don’t come with a date; the user has to specify one manually. In general, only one column is used for “last action date”, which doesn’t allow you to have complete access to the history of the exchanges.
  • Attaching documents such as quotes or bills is impossible.
  • Creating reminders or trying to synchronize them with your calendar isn't an option. +There is only one view for information, and it provides no statistics at all.

It looks like we've hit that limit in Excel sheets even quicker than we thought!

Excel is Too Simple; CRMs Are Too Complicated

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If the Excel sheet remains indispensable for many companies; it’s mainly because most of the solutions available in the market are too complex and poorly conceived for classic sales activities. The next step after Excel is to set up a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). But companies, and in particular small businesses, rarely need a tool to manage their customers. They need a tool to turn their prospects into customers.

CRM Tools Are Far Too Complex as an Excel Alternative

CRM’s are complex to set up and request the user to fill in a ridiculous amount of fields before even being able to start working on a prospect: Company > contact > opportunity > To-Do. These elements make the adoption of a CRM a complete nightmare for salespeople. They then miss the simplicity of an Excel sheet, and the CRM becomes a reporting tool that you update just before a sales meeting. CRMs don’t help salespeople. It is a constraint imposed on them by a management team looking for rationalization.

Manage Leads With Ease

To fill this hole between the simplicity of the Excel sheet and the complexity of the CRM, we have created A SaaS application, entirely conceived for salespeople and their managers, which conciliates the best of both worlds:

  • User-friendly
  • Creation of business opportunities in seconds
  • Integrated spreadsheet
  • Complete history of each lead
  • All the to-dos displayed in a single page
  • Reminders and calendar sync
  • Possibility of attaching documents to each action
  • Research filters and exports
  • Statistics

The service debunks the idea that you need a long list of features to prospect. Instead, it aims at offering the necessary features to an efficient prospecting activity.

We have placed the user experience at the heart of the app! Try our service for free using the button below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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