How to Capture Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, social networks and the news are valuable sources for salespeople, but collecting the data is painful. A lead clipper can help you get more Linkedin leads

Last update on March 29

These days, it’s no good contacting random people and hoping to sell a product. Sales reps need to build prospecting files. Doing so helps them to form an efficient cold calling process.

One of the key places reps find potential clients is on relevant news websites and social networking platforms. LinkedIn is especially helpful for identifying new opportunities. It is, after all, a professional networking website.

LinkedIn is especially helpful for identifying new opportunities.

There are many possibilities for salespeople on LinkedIn. These include finding 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts as possible opportunities or reacting to the news on your timeline. For example, perhaps you’ve just seen that someone took a position with O2. Of course they and O2 are going to need your service. Why wouldn’t they?

LinkedIn is an Important Source of Leads and Information

Finding potential contacts is one thing; collating them and building a list is another. Entering details for multiple prospects is time-consuming. There is a lot of heavy lifting involved and your time could be put to better use.

We are instinctive people by nature. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in sales. Salespeople are proactive and contact potential clients, either by phone or email, as soon as the opportunity arises.

Grab LinkedIn data with just one click

However, what often follows is an inability to keep track of the lead because it wasn’t correctly entered into the system. Even worse, we don’t fill out the information and jot details down on a post-it note, which often results in no further action taken.

The result is a jumbled process of not capturing leads correctly. Prospecting lists then fail before they are even given a chance to succeed.

Make Prospecting Easy

We understand the pain points behind building prospecting lists. Salespeople want to sell; not spend forever writing down details. That’s why we have created Lead Clipper, an extension within that simplifies the whole process.

Lead Clipper allows you to transform information on a website - and particularly in LinkedIn - into a lead without needing to fill out any details. To use it, go to LInkedIn and click on the Lead Clipper when you're on a profile page. The information is then automatically retrieved.

Perhaps you’re on a website reading a press article about the company and see important contact details that you would like to capture. Copy the extract of text with the information you want and click on the Lead Clipper. The info is exported to your prospecting list.

Check out the YouTube video, which shows you the simplicity of using the Lead Clipper

Take the Lead on Leads

Once a lead is created, the efficiency of comes into play, enabling you to follow the evolution of the lead throughout your sales steps. It even provides a full alert mechanism to make sure that you never forget the next action of your lead.

The software puts salespeople first

The simplicity of the process, from capturing the information to the follow-up inside, enables you to win many more of those leads, which only demand a little more assiduity to be transformed into clients. The software puts salespeople first.

Try and start using the Lead Clipper today. It’s free for 15 days. Without commitment.

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