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Identifying duplicates

Being able to identify duplicates in your lead management software is important. Not only does it help your sales people to save a lot of time, but it also avoids award and unprofessional calls when several reach out to the same prospect. With no, you won't have to worry about this anymore since it's pretty efficient at identifying duplicates.

For Start Edition customers, you will be informed of the existence of duplicates when the Lead's name or e-mail already exist in another lead.

For Expert Edition customers, when defining predefined fields for your leads, you are asked if the type of field chosen should be a key to detect duplicates. You just need to tick that box, the rest will automatically be done by the system.

⚠️ For those whose Account Privacy is set to be "Only Admins can see others items", it's possible to identify duplicates without giving your users access to the leads' content; users will only see the name of the lead that already exists.

The system will inform you of the existence of a duplicate when creating a new lead from a Prospecting Lists, when creating a new lead manually and when there's a new incoming unassigned lead from your company's website.

1. For Prospecting Lists:

  • either you get alerted when clicking the + button to create a lead if you use the Starter Edition,
  • either you get alerted when opening the prospect in the Prospect Browser if you use the Expert Edition.

2. For new leads:

  • whenever you create a new lead manually, if the lead contains the same name, phone number, or any other field you've chosen to be a key to identify new duplicates, you'll be alerted as shown in the image below

  • whenever a new lead comes into your "unassigned leads", you will be warned if it's a duplicate lead, as shown in the image below