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Follow-up on your WON leads

You Don’t Need a CRM! is a lead management software, focused on leads. It aims at helping you close deals faster and at managing them in the most efficient way possible.

Nevertheless, experience has shown us that once a lead changes to WON, i.e. a deal was successfully closed, often a project needs to be developed and there’s a great need to follow-up on that. Thus we have included a Follow-up system in You Don’t Need a CRM!

The follow-up system is very simple and is available on both the Starter Edition & the Expert Edition packages but with advanced features in the Expert Edition package.

How to create follow-ups?

Once you've changed a lead's status to WON the system will ask you if you wish to add follow-ups to the lead. If you don't wish to do it right away, you will be able to add a lead to the Follow-up stage at all times using the actions button of the lead.

A follow-up is a group of tasks that need to be handled after you've won a deal. And, since the process behind a sale is often the same, we've added the possibility of creating a template so that you don't have to create the same follow-up with the same tasks manually over and over again.

To create templates, go to the Admin > Follow-up templates section of your account. Each follow-up can have several tasks, which can also be predefined in the follow-up template.

/!\ Advanced features for the Expert Edition If you have chosen the Expert Edition you will have access to advanced follow-up features such as:

  • creation of several templates
  • a Standby status for tasks with reminders that can be predefined
  • the possibility of assigning tasks to other users of your account

How to manage your follow-ups?

The follow-up system is available in the left sidebar of your account. Just like for your leads, we will show the number of follow-ups with active tasks; and if you have a Expert Edition, this number will also take into account the tasks you need to manage in other users' follow-ups.

N.B: when you open a lead that has follow-ups, the details will be include in the lead's details, at the right. Also, when in the extended or compact mode, a rocket icon will be added to all the leads that are being follow-up on.

Once you've finished a task, easily change it's status to Done. If you're using the Expert Edition, you will be able to set a reminder for a task and leave it on standby until then. Just like leads, when the time comes you will be notified there's something you need to manage.

Assigning follow-ups & Privacy management

You can assign follow-ups to other users, but individual tasks can only be assigned to other users in the Expert Edition.

In terms of privacy, note that when assigning a follow-up to someone, you will be granting them access to its corresponding lead.