You Don't Need a CRM! Academy

Our Philosophy

You Don’t Need a CRM! is a lead management software that aims to help small & medium businesses organize their sales activity in a much more efficient way. We are not a CRM as we are 100% focused on leads, not on customer management.

Salespeople are busy people who don't have time to waste on filling out useless data into a system. For this reason, we built an extremely user-friendly service, with a small number of very powerful features, that helps sales reps manage their pipeline in the most effective way possible. The no CRM process

A sales rep needs to be able to create leads in a very intuitive and automated way. We know what a hassle it can be to spend hours entering data that you might never use – and that's before you can even get started with your actual To-Dos. We’ve been there ourselves, and that’s why we developed this software.

At You Don’t Need a CRM! we want salespeople to be able to create new leads in seconds, but also immediately understand what tasks they have to do next, whilst ensuring they never miss out on a single lead. Once leads are created, the software enables you to move them inside a sales funnel that is designed by you and for you.

One of the biggest strengths of You Don't Need a CRM! is that there's always a next step with a lead.

This is why there are plenty of different ways to create leads: via the interface, directly from an email you've received, from your website contact form, by scanning business cards, from a spreadsheet you already have or create in the software, from your browser via the lead clipper

Check the help for a more detailed presentation of how to create leads.

Next post: Suspects (unqualified prospects) vs. leads

You Don't Need a CRM! is an incredibly simple and efficient web based software built for your sales teams.
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  1. Organizing your sales activity
    1. Our philosophy
    2. Suspects (unqualified prospects) vs. leads
    3. Prospecting lists, leads & client folders
    4. Status vs. sales steps
    5. Defining key information on leads
    6. The importance of categorizing your leads
    7. Managing multiple contacts in the same company
    8. Admin, team manager & user
    9. Customizing your account interface
  2. Organizing your daily activities
    1. Every morning, know exactly what leads you need to work on
    2. Follow up the history of your exchanges & BCC email conversations
    3. Set reminders and synchronize your account with your calendar
    4. Extended, compact & pipeline mode
    5. Create several pipelines to analyse different sales processes
    6. Make your most important leads stand out
    7. Find leads by using filters
  3. Learn how to use prospecting lists
    1. When and how to use prospecting lists
    2. Only turn a row into a lead once the contact is qualified
    3. The importance of using column names
    4. Magic columns
  4. Working on the go
    1. Mobile app
    2. Using the speech recognition
    3. Scan your business cards
  5. Adding leads from external sources
    1. By e-mail
    2. From your partners
    3. From a contact form
  6. Follow up your business’s activity - understanding it and collaborating
    1. Analyze your activity by category or by salesperson
    2. Find the leads that have been pending for too long
    3. ROI of specific actions, or of a specific month activity
    4. Using the Activity feed to manage your team
    5. Follow the sales activity every morning thanks to the daily activity e-mail
    6. Exporting your data for reporting or marketing purposes
  7. Manage your existing customers
    1. Following up on your won clients
    2. How to manage upsells and renewals vs follow-up
  8. Connect You Don’t Need a CRM! to other apps
    1. How to connect: Zapier, API & direct integration
    2. Send notifications or fire actions based on events