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Tessan, a French Startup for Telemedicine

For this use case, we had a chat with Denis Benichou, VP of Sales at Tessan is a startup that works in the telemedicine field or more precisely in remote medical consultation. They stand out from their competition by offering the delivery of medical prescriptions in under an hour. The idea behind the company is to provide healthcare remotely. The public, as well as employees, can book a 15-minute consultation as soon as they have a health problem or need to renew their prescriptions.

The company enjoys the broad support of public authorities and pharmaceutical unions and doctors, in a country that is proud of its welfare heritage and that means quite a lot. Town halls in remote communities or in medical deserts are particularly interested in the booths offered by the company. Once the population grows accustomed to using its booths in specific premises, town halls, and drugstores, Tessan’s ambition is to implement them in the workplace.

As for the VP of Sales, Denis, he aims to build a sales team present throughout France with an Inside Sales team that qualifies marketing lists and sales representatives who take over in the field. To achieve this and to be able to steer the business, they needed a specific tool. The Sales Director no longer felt able to cope with just Excel spreadsheets, especially when the sales team is growing so fast. There are now a team of 20 reps and hope to reach 50 before the end of next year. So better get organized to succeed!


How Did Tessan Pick a CRM that their Sales Team Will Actually Use?

Through his previous experience in large companies, Denis knew the CRM market leaders. His experience with them was not good to say the least. In fact, at noCRM, it does not surprise us to hear that coming from a sales person. Top-heavy and not very user-centric, these tools are not suitable for salespeople, often on the move.

As he says himself, “Software like Salesforce is a blessing for the back office, but a total plague for users.” Salespeople must juggle a fairly large amount of windows in their browsers, for contacts, for businesses, to link contacts to businesses, to create opportunities, and so on and so forth. It’s not pleasant to use as Denis puts it, “it gets you to wonder how the Salesforce UX designers would react to seeing the simple yet efficient structure of noCRM”. For Denis, large organizations choose complex CRMs because they seek to reassure themselves and take the minimum risk instead of actually going through the process of connecting with the end-users and evaluating their real needs.

So when he came across noCRM randomly from a google search, he immediately realized that he had come across people who had the same philosophy as him with regard to CRMs. In fact, at noCRM, we believe that we must, first of all, acknowledge the main CRM users, salespeople. The technical background must come after.

Like many growing business structures, Tessan does not have dedicated developers to help the sales team. Tessan’s sales teams focused on solutions that do not require a complex technical architecture to implement. The company simply could not afford to hire a dedicated consultant at a daily rate of US$1500. In a startup that aims to revolutionize medicine, it needed a flexible and agile tool, available remotely, integrating with other software such as invoicing and VoIP solutions. That’s why he favored lead management software such as noCRM and Pipedrive.

noCRM: Features and Integrations that Make the Difference

To make his decision, Denis did not mess around. He activated two software trials and asked two of his salespeople to set them up. The idea was to see at the end of 2 hours how far along everyone was; if they had created their first deals and made their first follow-up without instructions, without outside help, or webinars. After comparing the returns and the pitfalls of each, the result was definitive. noCRM was the more ergonomic and user-oriented of the two.

A very practical feature that noCRM offers is the prospecting lists. A simple excel sheet really becomes a working tool in the CRM. And to quote once again Denis, “It’s convenient because it’s not up to us to adapt to CRM, but it’s the CRM that should adapt to us. In the prospecting list of noCRM, we find the prospecting list like an Excel view, on which we can add columns, rows, add colors, add filters, but where noCRM makes the difference, it is the ability to convert the prospect into opportunity that will be followed in the tool.”

Simple and more intuitive to use than Pipedrive, noCRM has established itself by offering a complete panel of solutions as well. Thus, Tessan now uses integrations with Aircall, a VoIP software to make calls and Quickbooks for invoicing. It’s easy to track the invoice for each deal by taking advantage of the native integration offered. To keep up with everyone’s schedules, they also favored the Google G-Suite, which integrates Google calendar and noCRM.

 The Future of noCRM at Tessan

After redesigning their website, Tessan plans to implement an integration with a marketing automation tool and software monitoring social media. Afterwards, management plans to put in place a better follow-up of customers, and work with our client folders feature.

No need to go from Excel to CRM to the phone, everything is done from the same tool. Highly appreciated by the CEO and management, the reports available in noCRM make it possible to follow the activity of the sales teams on a daily basis. Number of calls recorded, number of leads created, appointments done, and almost everything there is to allow sales teams to make a brief recap at the end of the day and a management meeting on Mondays. 

management chart

For Tessan, the implementation of a CRM was evident. And if it took 3 to 4 months to make the investment profitable and allow the teams to take in hand the tool, in the end, it is saving quite a bit of time. At least 1 hour a day, according to him.

If you too have rehashed CRMs endlessly, do not hesitate to start a free trial of noCRM to discover a world free of CRM clutter!