Summer Wrap Up

To welcome the first month of fall, we’re wrapping up our last month of summer with a round of news.

To start off, noCRM’s team has grown to 16 employees (and still growing!), all fully motivated to continue to help our community of over 10,000 salespeople reach their goals. 🏆 That includes listening to your needs and making better every day.

In that sense, we come to you with the latest updates:

  • @Mentions feature is now available for all Expert Edition customers 🎊
  • New Video Center to help you solve your sales challenges
  • Improvements in team’s statistics to make sales analysis more efficient

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Mentions are Now Live! 🎊

In our last newsletter we mentioned the arrival of the Notification Center and said more would come soon to make it even better. Since we like to keep our promises, say hello to @Mentions!

The Mentions feature was officially integrated inside to answer a specific need: being able to work together and help each other. Notify specific colleagues on any lead or prospect to share news and updates with them. The users you mention will then receive real-time notifications.

There should be no barriers to collaboration, and’s Mentions feature is here to break them all.

⚠️ this feature is only available for Expert Edition customers.

New Video Center with Great Sales Tips

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new educational video center, starting with 9 short sales tips videos from our very own Head of Customer Success, Mariana Lacerda.

In there, you will find videos on different subjects:

and a lot more. We welcome you to watch them, and share them with those you believe might benefit from them!

Improvements in Stats

In order to make your sales team’s activities analysis more efficient, we have implemented some changes in the Statistics section, including:

  • The possibility of searching for the user you wish to analyse without having to go through an endless dropdown menu
  • Comparing the performance of two different sales reps. In the images below, we show you that it’s possible to compare John’s performance to Shirine’s performance.


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Happy selling!

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