Strategic Sales Plan: Know Where Your Customers Come From And Define Your Sales Strategy Accordingly

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A few weeks ago we introduced the power of tags and how much more efficient your work can get by making use of them. In our last series, we showed you how you can build a review system inside your Lead Management Software and organise your sales meeting in a more efficient way, simply by using tags. The result will see you have a strategic sales plan.

strategic sales plan

As mentioned in our previous post, we will show you other ways of how tags can help you streamline your sales processes and save valuable time. Thus, this week we will address another great way of how those little magical keywords can help your business: Better understanding where your customers come from.

Data is king nowadays! Collecting as much information from your customers as possible is crucial in every business and knowing where your customers come from can really help you to identify key areas in your sales processes and understand which parts of your business you need to focus on.

Powerful statistic insights give you a clear understanding on how well your business is performing. Statistics enable sales managers to get insights on certain products, conversion rates, revenue and ultimately analyze the performance of their salespeople.
Inside You Don’t Need a CRM!, tags have a great influence on how statistics are displayed. Thanks to the power of tags, sales managers can easily filter by any user or tag to get a better understanding of certain areas of their business.

strategic sales plan

Let’s say for example, you just ran a big event in New York to promote a product you’re selling, in which you invested quite a lot of money. To obtain a ROI for this event, you need to know how many leads came from that event, and how many actually converted into customers. You want to understand if the event was worth the time and marketing effort put in.

Inside our lead management software, obtaining that information is as easy as tagging all the leads that came from that event with the tag “Event NYC” for example. Then, you go to the Statistics of your account, choose to filter by “Event NYC” and you can easily see how many leads who came from that event actually converted. If the ROI is too low, maybe you should reconsider attending that event next year.

There are various ways of using tags and making use of this powerful instrument can have a great impact on your business.

More on the power of tags coming soon. Stay tuned!

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