Sales Forecasting Feature: Default Probability by Step

Having a clear sales forecast is key to a good sales strategy. Every Sales Director needs to have a clear idea of how many leads they have in the pipeline. They need to know when leads are expected to close, the total amount they potentially represent, as well as their weighted value. With good sales forecasting tools, companies can have the right data to make informed decisions and predict their sales performance.

That being said, it’s not always easy to do it. Especially in small companies who haven’t deployed a lead management software and are still working on spreadsheets. Forecasting sales on Excel takes time and discipline. As a company grows, it can become messy. Sales reps forget to update their information and the data stops being accurate.

The good news is: with noCRM, you don’t have to worry about that. Our software does all the forecasting for you! Not only does our pipeline management tool enable you to create estimated closing dates and define a clear sales pipeline, it now allows you to add a default probability for each step in your pipeline. More importantly noCRM automatically calculate the probability of moving to the next step based on your last 12 months data and suggest it to you.

Default Probability by Step for Accurate Sales Forecasting

As your leads move forward in your sales pipeline, the probability of closing them increases. In fact, saying that a lead in the very first step of your sales pipeline has the same chance of converting as one in the last step of your pipeline wouldn’t be accurate.

Moreover, having to change the probability of a lead every time it moves from one step to another is not very practical. You might as well continue working on Excel. Your sales reps won’t remember to update the information and the sales forecast will be biased.

With noCRM’s Expert Edition, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You can easily define a default probability for each step of your sales pipeline!

Doing so, your sales forecast will be as accurate as a forecast can be. You can lean back, relax, and build your strategy with data obtained in a couple of clicks.

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Forget Excel and complex CRM tools. Choose a user-friendly lead management software that your salespeople will be happy to use.Start your free trial now!

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