[Webinar] Accelerate Sales with Marketing Alignment

noCRM’s mission is to help businesses turn prospects into customers. Our lead management tool allows you to efficiently manage deals through the funnel. However, you also need the support of your marketing. An aligned sales and marketing allows for your reps get the right leads and receive the help needed to further accelerate sales.

We paired up with our friends at ActiveDEMAND on a webinar to illustrate why having your sales & marketing work together is your ticket to success. With investments going into both departments, it is important to establish a strong line of communication between the two.

noCRM has integrated with ActiveDEMAND so that you can achieve this alignment with a strong solution. Grow your sales pipeline with sales-ready leads and get instant insights into your leads’ buying journey. As leads progress in your marketing journey, our integration automates the leads’ progression in noCRM and boosts sales performance.

Sit back and join Shirine Ziar, US Country Manager of noCRM.io and Sean Leonard, CEO of ActiveDEMAND, as they discuss point by point how you can accelerate sales.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about:

  • The sales and marketing alignment challenge
  • The role real-time communication plays
  • Accelerating the buyer’s journey through the sales pipeline
  • How to get your lead management and marketing automation working in sync
  • Business benefits of integrated sales and marketing systems
    And more…