Reduce Sales Challenges and Drive a Positive Impact with noCRM and FunnelFLARE

We started the year off with some great updates and we’re continuing the trend today! is excited to announce a new integration in a brand new Sales Enablement category, FunnelFLARE.

Last Tuesday, our friends at FunnelFLARE contributed a guest blog post on the differences between Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement tools. The gist of it is, just like how lead management software differs from your standard CRM by only focusing on the direct needs of sales reps, sales enablement tools differ from Marketing Automation by reducing the features that complicate salespeople’s lives and only offer those that directly impact their day-to-day as well as their lead conversion.

Using FunnelFLARE you can access the following features:

  • Email automation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Phone call tracking and automation to improve efficiency around making, taking, and logging call details
  • Text messaging where applicable
  • And sequencing of all of the above

Our native integration allows sales reps to use to manage and track all their leads and sales activities with the support of FunnelFLARE. It works in the background to assign drip campaigns, automate your emails based on lead journey, manage your appointment scheduling, and provide dialling capabilities.

To learn more about our integration, visit our dedicated help page.