Monthly News for New Prospect Browser & More…

We released our newsletter to our customers yesterday and we’d like to announce our updates on our blog for everyone to read! Read on for the amazing improvements that were made inside this month:

1. New Prospect Browser in Prospecting Lists for more efficient cold calling activities
2. New Filter by Color Code in the Prospecting Lists
3. New Default Probabilities by Step for a better pipeline management and sales forecasts… and more!

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Use the Prospect Browser to Boost your Cold Calling Activities

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Cold calling is not salespeople’s favorite activity, but it can be essential in your company. Having to use an Excel spreadsheet to do it can turn this task even more difficult. The Prospect Browser enables you to view your contact’s complete information in a structured view allowing for quick edits, direct duplicate detection, and ease of prospect management.

With noCRM’s brand new Prospect Browser feature, sales prospecting has just become easier, better, and faster.

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⚠️ This feature is only available in the Expert Edition

Bonus Feature: Filter Prospects by Color Code!

Many of you have been requesting this feature, and we’re extremely happy to announce that it’s now live!

Expert Edition users, use colors to differentiate your prospects and find them easily thanks to the new filter by color code in Prospecting Lists.

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Get Better Sales Forecasts with Default Probability by Step

As your leads move forward in your sales pipeline, the probability of closing them increases. In fact, saying that a lead in the very first step of your sales pipeline has the same chance of converting as one in the last step of your pipeline wouldn’t be accurate.

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With noCRM’s Expert Edition, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You can easily define a default probability for each step of your sales pipeline!

Doing so, your sales forecast will be as accurate as a forecast can be. You can lean back, relax, and build your strategy with data obtained in a couple of clicks.

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⚠️ This feature is only available in the Expert Edition

Sales tip: The Importance of Defining a Clear Sales Pipeline

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