Optimize Your Leads’ Buying Journey With ActiveCampaign x noCRM.io

As the holidays are nearing, it’s the perfect time to roll out a new native integration with an awesome partner— ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that helps businesses automate their email marketing and optimize their users’ experiences. This integration means you can let your sales team focus on their sales activities using noCRM’s action-based lead management platform, leaving ActiveCampaign to run in the background, nurturing your leads based on status, pipeline steps, and more!

noCRM.io is and will always be focused on salespeople’s needs first. Our software continues to provide all the features needed to close a deal. With ActiveCampaign, users can combine their marketing automation power to further enrich their leads’ buying journey and move them closer to the closing stage.

What Does the Integration Cover and How Does it Work?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is create a rule which allows you to set up which event in noCRM.io can trigger an action(s) in ActiveCampaign. You can also go a step further by adding conditions to your events so that leads that don’t meet them will be excluded from the rule. 

The events in noCRM.io include:

  • New lead created
  • Lead status changed to…
  • Lead step changed to…
  • New Prospect created
  • And more!

The actions in ActiveCampaign are:

  • Create a contact
  • (un)subscribe the contact to/from a list of your choice
  • Add the contact to an automation of your choice

Automate your email marketing and workflows and focus on your sales actions. Stop jumping from one app to another, connect your noCRM.io account to ActiveCampaign account and give your sales team a seamless experience. 

Interested in learning more? Visit our dedicated help page and watch the help video!

⚠️ Only available on the Expert edition