May News Wrap Up

Time for our monthly newsletter! May has seen the arrival of three special new recruits at Please welcome Marc Turbé, our new Head of Marketing; Olivier Tyrbas, our Head of Sales; and Gabriel Cardoso who will be doing magic in the dev department to boost noCRM’s performance even more! 🎉

Apart from new hires, we also have new features and great improvements to share:

New Keyboard Shortcuts to Simplify Your Lead Management Activities

This is part of the magic Gabriel has performed on

Open a lead card, go to the Actions menu and find out about all the different keyboard shortcuts that exist to help you become even more efficient at managing your leads.

For instance: you need to star an important lead? Simply click on the ‘*‘ key and it’s done!



Choose a Client Folder at the Creation of a Lead

When you have several leads with the same customer, you should group them all in a single Client Folder to have all the sales history with that customer in a one place.

As per your request, we have added the possibility of choosing the Client Folder to which a new lead belongs to, at its creation.

No need to duplicate an existing lead or to go to the Client Folder to create the new lead. Easily do it from a newly created lead.

Batch Insert Tags in Unassigned Leads

Last month, we announced the possibility of working on your unassigned leads: adding comments, tags, … to every lead.

Now, we’ve also added the possibility of batch inserting tags in your unassigned leads.


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