Getting Started with ActiveDEMAND and noCRM

One of the things that people realize when they start researching marketing automation platforms is that pretty much anything under the sun is possible. The spoils of possibilities can create “paralysis through analysis” because along with a lead management platform like noCRM, the possibilities are endless! With all that said, let’s look at some practical first steps when integrating noCRM and a marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND.

Step 1: Post Leads Directly to noCRM

noCRM is where your salespeople live, so why force them to operate out of a different platform? Many businesses get emails once people fill in website forms, but there’s a lot more out there that you can do. noCRM can post leads directly to your account from website forms. Using ActiveDEMAND, you can choose to also add leads directly to noCRM from appointment bookings, online chats, and even tracked phone calls. If the user browsed through web pages as they turned into a lead, salespeople can see those as well: which is really helpful in figuring out what product or service a prospect might be interested in.

Step 2: User Drip Campaign

If you have a great email or sequence of emails that help nurture leads that aren’t quite ready for sales, we recommend setting them up in a “User Drip Campaign”. Salespeople can manually add users who are good candidates to these campaigns, and then ActiveDEMAND will automatically send the emails. This is a great way of connecting marketing and sales by empowering salespeople to put prospects into drip campaigns on their own.

Step 3: Make a List of People to Cold Call from Website Visitors

Lots of companies out there build leads by cold calling. But first, before cold calling prospects who have never heard of your company, you should start by calling the ones who have been on your website, but not contacted you. ActiveDEMAND makes it possible to see the companies that are using your website. From within ActiveDEMAND, you can go through the list of companies and add them to noCRM as prospects to call.

Step 4: Post-Sales Close Drip Campaign

If your business closes multiple sales per month and/or has multiple salespeople closing sales, it can be tough to keep consistent. Consistent post sales messaging should include:

We recommend building the email first. If you have a sales team, ask each salesperson for sample messaging they use when a client closes. Also, take note of the medium: do they send an email, SMS text message, or DM the client on Twitter? Do they send one email at first, and then another a week after?

Once you’ve got the content and medium nailed, connect ActiveDEMAND and noCRM, defining how you want to get the “sale closed” mapped to ActiveDEMAND, then build a contact list of new users who have just closed. Finally, implement the email, emails, or other messages in ActiveDEMAND as a drip campaign and use the contact list you just created as the trigger for the drip.

You’ll want to check in with sales after a few days to see how the new process is working and if any tweaks are required.

–Written as guest post by ActiveDEMAND.

Overall the possibilities for integrating and automating using noCRM and ActiveDEMAND are endless. Rather than analyzing all the infinite possibilities, the best first step can be starting a trial with noCRM and ActiveDEMAND.