Building a Competition analysis system with tags

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#ThePowerOfTags #Episode3

The past weeks we’ve shown you different ways of using tags inside your lead management software. This week we want to inspire you with another idea on how you and your business can benefit from tagging!

Once again, tags are great. They offer you an endless range of possibilities and enable you to use them in any possible way that is important to your business or product. Last week we talked about the importance of understanding your customers but this week we want to address another way of using tags: uilding a competition analysis system inside your Lead Management Software

Understanding your customers is important, but knowing why they are leaving is as important. As a business, you always need to be on top of your competitors and know exactly why their offering attracts customers. When your customers start slipping away and you need to keep track of where they are going and clearly understand why you’re loosing them. Having these insights enables you to quickly react and adapt pricing or improve your service where necessary.


Thanks to the endless variety of tag usage, you can easily build your own competition analysis system inside You Don’t Need a CRM! By simply adding the reason of the loss of your customer as a tag, you can then afterwards filter in the statistic section of your account and learn why and where the majority of your customers go. With that in mind you can then reconsider certain strategies and approaches, adapt your price plan models or add certain features to your product to stand out of your competition.


Lets say for example you’re selling a web based product, such as a software for email marketing. Inside your sales tool, you just create a category and predefine tags with possible and common reasons for customers slipping away such as “price”, “missing features”“quality”“service” and another category with the names of your competitors. When ever you then lose a lead, you can simply add one of the tags you’ve already set up.


If you then want to understand where your clients are moving on to, you just simply go to your statistics and filter by a certain competitor or a tag like “price” and you know how many customers you have lost for this reason over a certain period of time. 

It is that simple but very efficient and can help your business enormously.

We at You Don’t Need a CRM! love tags and encourage our customers to make use of them, as they really can have a major impact on your day to day work. In fact, we love tags so much, we even want you to share your tag story with us, so we can continue writing these small episodes and help our users find more efficient ways of using tags relevant to their business in order to close more deals and spend less time!

So please do not hesitate and send us your unique way of using tags inside YDNCRM to and we will share it with our community. We look forward to hearing from you.

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