Align your Sales and Marketing with noCRM and ActiveDEMAND

noCRM ActiveDEMAND sales and marketing integration

It’s time to announce our new and exciting integration with ActiveDEMAND for all of your marketing automation needs to boost sales!

As you know, is a lead management software entirely focused on helping salespeople manage their leads efficiently and close more deals. It also provides sales managers full visibility and control over the sales pipeline. We are committed to continuing our development efforts in that direction. Integrating with software that help companies sell faster and scale bigger is an integral part of it.

Closing in to 2019, it’s clearer now more than ever that there’s priority to bridging the gap between your sales and marketing departments. As leads enter, it’s important for salespeople to know where the leads are coming from and what actions they’ve taken on your website before arriving into the sales pipeline— this is where marketing automation comes in.

Align your Sales and Marketing with noCRM and ActiveDEMAND integration

Our integration ensures that your sales and marketing efforts are aligned to create drip campaigns, automate the creation, distribution, and progression of qualified leads in noCRM. For example, if a prospect has filled out their information on your website form, you can automate the process of sending them an email right after. If they’ve responded to that email, ActiveDEMAND will then create a lead in noCRM and assign it to the right sales rep. This is all dependent on the workflow rules you’ve set up.

With the ability to track prospects’ journey, you will know when to engage with leads and gain valuable Prospect Insights. For instance, you will know if and when they’ve opened your emails and track engagement at every step in the sales pipeline.

Get Started Now

The ActiveDEMAND integration is only available on noCRM’s Expert Edition. Start exploring the integration by following the steps in our dedicated help page.