A Spring of News

This month we come to you with lots of great new features and extended options!

The star feature of the month is the QR Code Scan-to-Call. This will enable you to dial phone numbers in exactly 3 seconds, with no risk of mistyping. 🎉

Here’s a breakdown of our newly implemented features:

1. QR Code Scan-to-Call

Sales reps spend a lot of time dialling phone numbers. Well, that’s simply because calling is an essential part of their job: not only to qualify leads, but also to follow-up on identified business opportunities.

Did you know that dialling a phone number can take up to 20 seconds and that the risk of mistyping it can bounce up to 50%? As you can imagine, this can be problematic. In fact, how many times have you called the wrong number, left a voice message and considered your job was done? I’m sure it happened quite a few times… not quite productive or professional.

With noCRM’s QR Code Scan-to-Call feature, there will be no more dialling the wrong phone number, no more glueing your eyes to your computer screen to make sure you’re reading the numbers correctly!

For more information, please read our Help Center entry.

2. Access your Team’s Activity in a Click

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve updated the search engine, enabling you to access a user’s or team’s activity in a single click!

No need to use the Filter by User or Team anymore: type the user’s or team’s name in the search engine, and access their active leads pipeline or list in a couple of clicks!


3. Work on your Unassigned Leads

Being able to work on an unassigned lead will help you qualify it before assigning it to the sales rep in charge of managing it.

Just like for any assigned leads, you can add an amount, a probability, choose an estimated a closing date (if you use the Expert Edition*), add tags, use your click-to-call system, add attachments to it, and so on.

Sales Tips Video #3: Efficiently report your company’s sales performance

Happy selling to all!

The noCRM.io team